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There is no better time than spring to detox.  Fresh produce is in abundance and the warmer weather encourages a healthier lifestyle.  Now that winter is behind us, many feel like they want to look their best for summer, lose a few kilos or change the heavy eating that has left them feeling sluggish. If you would like more radiant skin, increased vitality, better digestion and clearer thinking, whilst shifting a few of those winter kilos, a spring detox is for you.

Aside from these benefits, the human body benefits greatly from a detoxification program.  City living exposes our bodies to a high level of environmental toxins.  Poor food and lifestyle choices and the use of household and cosmetic products and pesticides put a strain on the body’s detoxification organs and they may not function at their best.  Symptoms start to raise their ugly head such as fatigue, bad breath, skin conditions, frequent headaches, dark circles under the eyes and trouble concentrating.

The good news is by making a few daily changes, you can drastically minimise toxic exposure, enhance your body’s capability to eliminate toxins and give your body the spring clean it may desperately need. Here are some easy ways to get started:

Spring has sprung – 5 tips to detox everyday

  • Reduce chemical exposure: Minimise pesticide exposure from your daily fruit and vegetable consumption by buying organic or chemical-free free. If 100% organic isn’t an option, choose carefully from the dirty dozen and clean fifteen, a list of the produce with the highest and lowest pesticide residue. See the list here.
  • Get gut healthy: Optimise your gut health by eating probiotic foods every day. Toxic exposure not only comes from the environment, but also internally from an overgrowth of bad bugs in the gut that can occur due to poor food choices, stress, medications etc… Probiotic foods include yoghurt, miso, natto, kim chi, kefir, tempeh, coconut yoghurt and sauerkraut.
  • Dry skin brush: Support detoxification of the body’s largest organ, the skin, by dry body brushing.  Before your shower, brush the skin dry towards the heart to enhance circulation, move the lymphatic system, (the body’s own waste removal system),reduce cellulite and exfoliate, leaving your skin glowing!
  • Go green!: Think green by increasing green foods in your diet. They contain chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants that has blood purifying properties and also assists in removing toxicity from the gut.
  • Love your liver: Love your liver and it will love you back by detoxing efficiently and giving toxins the boot.  Foods such as lemons, lime, the cabbage family, dandelion root, beetroot, artichokes, green tea, onion and garlic help the liver to detox. Numerous herbal medicines also enhance liver detoxification.

Give your body the spring clean it may desperately need!

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